December 9, 2022

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Over 7 Million Businesses Can Now Accept Cardano (ADA) as a Payment Method

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COTI’s ADA Pay has been integrated into the Odoo platform, making it possible for businesses to accept Cardano in payments.  

COTI stated that the ADA Pay plugin has been successfully integrated into the On-Demand Open Object (Odoo). The initiative will enable over seven million mid-sized businesses to accept Cardano as a form of payment.

According to a recent announcement, the initiative was made possible by Rodolfo Miranda, one of the winners of COTI’s Project Catalyst, who integrated the ADA Pay plugin into Odoo.

Odoo, also referred to as On-Demand Open Object, is an open-source solution of business application that services more than 7 million clients, including large enterprises and new startups.

COTI noted that the ADA payment service is built on the Cardano blockchain and essentially developed for businesses looking to accept cardano as a form of payment. Thus, making payments to be settled instantly.

COTI Project Catalyst Challenge

Explaining the details of the Project Catalyst challenge, COTI noted that different teams were invited to develop an ADA Pay plugin solution that can be integrated into various e-commerce platforms.

Out of the 16 entries received, five of these projects were funded with the goal of delivering the ADA Pay plugin solution for the Odoo platform.

Randolfo Miranda, the developer who integrated the plugin on the Odoo platform, said:

“Delivering this project can’t be more streamlined. The ADA Pay API just simplifies the development process. Not only is it well documented, but the COTI team was also prompted to give us support to all of our questions and concerns. I really appreciate COTI’s professionalism and dedication.”

Notably, the initiative was made possible via Miranda’s collaboration with COTI’s Development and Business Development teams.

Growing Adoption of ADA Pay

Interestingly, the adoption of the ADA Pay solution has grown tremendously in the past few months, suggesting a rising interest in the acceptance of cardano as a form of payment.

TheCryptoBasic reported last month that Wolfram Blockchain Labs adopted the payment service for its non-fungible token sales.

“We are working on the development of different solutions to support and improve NFTs on Cardano, and this partnership with COTI is crucial to bring this product to life,” Greta Gawianski, Product Owner of NFT Innovation Projects, was quoted as saying.

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